spreading the Gospel of jesus to our children is one of the most important missions we will ever face!

Christian comics and Christian graphic novels engage children's imaginations and inspire them to dig deeper into the Scriptures. We are passionate about providing families with a wide range of awesome and edifying Bible-based comic books and graphic novels to help inspire our children to follow Christ Jesus.


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Paul the Apostle: Graphic Story Bible (Hardcover 144 pages)

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The Pilgrim's Progress: Graphic Novel


Hannah - Bible Belles Series (Illustrated Picture Book)

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Dr. Shawn Beaty, Senior Pastor Clovis Hills Community Church

Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel is a wonderful blend of historical and Biblical accuracy in a futuristic comic book. My kid's keep going back to it!

Abby Barrantes, Grace Presbyterian Neighborhood Church

Young students can appreciate an exciting plot and fun characters, while older students and adults can recognize the nuances, symbols, and themes that bring out Biblical truths to our lives.

Scott Pittman, Middle School Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church El Cajon, California

I love Paul the Apostle because it points kids to the Bible. Whenever you can bring the Bible alive and get students interested in reading it on their own, it's a big win!

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