We provide families with Christian Comics Books and GRAPHIC NOVELS to inspire kids to read the Bible and follow Jesus.

Welcome to Beartruth Books! We are thankful and blessed that you’ve taken the time to visit our Christian comic book ministry. The Bible is the most important book to ever be written, yet society would like our kids to believe it is a book of fairy tales and irrelevant to modern life. It is our mission to help change this lie through the power of Christ-centered storytelling and educational Christian comic books that speak to today’s youth. We created Paul the Apostle:Graphic Story Bible and our friends at Kingstone Comics and Truth Becomes Her created the other awesome books we offer. Cool Christian comic books and Christian graphic novels can help get kids of all ages pumped up on Jesus and his life-transforming message of salvation.Thanks again for stopping by! God Bless!

It all started when God turned a tragedy into something amazing...

The old saying "God works in mysterious ways," seems to fit perfectly with the story of my life. Hi, my name is Mario DeMatteo, I'm the founder of Beartruth Books.  Fourteen years ago, I was a college soccer player with what I thought was my entire life figured out.  I'd be a successful businessman, have a nice house, a beautiful wife, a house in Costa Rica, and a family.  I believed in God, but I didn't have time for him back then, I was on a mission...for myself.

Turns out, our personal mission doesn't always match up with God's mission for our lives.  While on a surf trip in Costa Rica my sophomore year of college, I dove into a shallow swimming pool and incurred a permanent spinal cord injury, ultimately confining me to a wheelchair.  Crazy right.  I thought the same thing.

I thought my life was over, kapoot. I laid in bed that first month praying that God would take me to heaven. Then a close friend of mine brought me a few books: the Bible,  Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, and some Silver Surfer comics. The Bible fed me, Frankl taught me I would have to find meaning and purpose in my suffering, and Silver Surfer gave me a vision of my future - maybe one day I could make comic books.

A few years later that vision came true. In 2011, God put it on my heart to begin working on a Christian comic book based on one of my heroes, Paul the Apostle.  The initial vision was to create an illustrated comic book Bible adaptation using awesome looking cartoon creatures, similar to the stories I grew up loving: Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Star Wars, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In setting the story in a futuristic universe, we hoped it would engage today’s youth and could be used as a powerful ministry tool to inspire kids around the world to read the Bible.  I pitched the idea and  story to Brett Burner and Ben Avery, both reputable Christian comic book writers, who loved the concept and agreed to help write and produce the script.  We then partnered with an up-and-coming illustrator named Mark Harmon who worked with me for the next 4 years illustrating the script I had envisioned and art directed. This project has been a massive blessing in my life and my prayer is that it could be a blessing in you and your family's life as well.

-Mario DeMatteo