Dominion Vol.2

Dominion Vol.2

Terminus Media

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DOMINION is a sci-fi allegory of the story of King Saul from the Bible. Send your kids and teens on a journey through the stars while promoting values you can trust! Star Wars meets Narnia in this timeless story that ignites the imagination!

Faith and Family Friendly Christian Comics that Entertain, Educate and Inspire.


“The storytelling is thrilling, the artwork is out of this world, DOMINION has all the fun of Marvel and Star Wars but from a Christian worldview. What more could we ask for?”   -ERIC METAXAS, author, speaker, radio host

“In the gorgeous pages of its fictionalized universe, DOMINION delivers a compelling cosmic tale that speaks to every heart longing for divine truth. Did I also mention it's a ton of fun?” -Barry Cook, director of Disney's Mulan