3 Reasons Why Christian Comics & Graphic Novels Rock!

 There is a battle being waged for our children's hearts and minds and we need need all the help we can get. Christian comics and graphic novels can provide powerful ministry resources for your family - inspiring the kiddos to read the Bible and help lead them to a life of faith. Here are 3 reason why Christian comic books and Christian graphic novels rock!


1. Entertaining

The popularity of comic books and graphic novels for kids is on the rise in schools, libraries, and bookstores. Chances are your children have already checked out the newest volume of Dog Man or the Bone series. Many of these books are great resources for inspiring a love fore reading and storytelling. How cool would it be if we could include Christ-centered comic books and graphic novels in with the mix of their other favorite books? There are many Christian comic books and graphic novels available that can do just that, and the industry continues to grow! Children are often swept away by the amazing comic book art in Christian comics, depicting the action and adventure of popular or even lesser known Bible stories.

2. Edifying

It can be a challenging endeavor to find edifying books that captivate our children’s imaginations. There are many books out there that might seem harmless at first glance, later to find out they are filled with violence, sex, or promote dangerous worldly ideas. Christian comic books and Christian graphic novels have the unique ability to entertain our children, while at the same time feeding them edifying Christ-centered stories and messages. The comic book art draws children into the Bible stories, bringing them to life in a way many children have never experienced before.

3. Educational

Studies are showing that children who read comic books and graphic novels at an early age are developing strong reading comprehension skills and vocabularies. The combination of images and text encourage children to engage with stories using different parts of their brain to forge deeper connections. This is especially true with Bible-based comic books and graphic novels. Christian comics and graphic novels are able to imprint Bible images and messages onto our children’s hearts and minds that last. This is especially true for visual learners. The visual art adds a little extra support that helps kids navigate through the complex stories of the Bible.

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