Bible Belles Series (Illustrated Picture Books)

Introducing the Bible Belles series. Written by a mom on a mission. Five years ago, the lightbulb went on for mom and teacher turned national speaker, Erin Weidemann. Young girls could name every Disney Princess but struggled when it came to women in the Bible. It got her and her husband, Brent, thinking - wouldn't it be great if girls today were just as excited about biblical women as they are about princesses: women who can be real heroes for girls today?

And just like that, the Bible Belles book series was born. Bible Belles is on a mission to create children's books and devotionals that connect girls with real heroes: positive role models that all the girls out there, can look up to.

“Thanks to Bible Belles our daughters will learn at an early age to walk fearlessly into their God-breathed destinies.”

– Lisa Bevere, Best-Selling Author